Folklórny festival Východná


28. – 30. August 2020


Východná, Slovakia

About the festival

The Folklore Festival Východná 2020 is moving from early July to late August. All purchased tickets remain valid.
The change of deadline is necessary due to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, so the Národné osvetové centrum (organizer of festival) decided to postpone the Folklore Festival Východná 2020 for later. However, preparations are ongoing. „The health of visitors and performers comes first. With this step we try to avoid the inevitable cancellation of the 66th edition. We hope that if we all adhere to the government's preventive regulations, we will all see you in the Východná on August 28-30,“ said Michal Bartók, NOC CEO.

The folk festival Východná is the oldest and the most extensive nationwide festival with international participation in Slovakia. Every year, during the first weekend of July, the beautiful village Východná, located near High and Low Tatras, becomes the centre of the Slovak culture, where the folk traditions come to life.

During its 65 year history, the festival became the most acclaimed festival of the traditional folk culture in Slovakia. The festival hosts 1 400 performers, among which there are winners of national competition of folk groups, children folk groups, groups of traditional folk music, singing groups and dance groups.

The festival also hosts traditional folk craftsmen, producers and artists, as well as numerous interactive and entertainment programs- dancing, singing and musical programs, singing workshops, creative craftsmanship programs and also programs for children.

The folk festival Východná is a celebration of the traditional Slovak folklore and its existence greatly contributes to the revival, preservation, creative development and public presentation of the rich values of our culture. Traditional Slovak folklore is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the Slovak nation, and this is the reason why it can every time bring us joy and revive not only our history, but also our emotions. Become part of this celebration too.

FFV 2020

The event will take place at a new date August 28–30, 2020.

The event will not take place at the original time. A new date is set for August 28–30, 2020.

All tickets purchased through the portal will be valid, except tickets purchased for thursday July 2, 2020, that will be refunded. Customers which have purchased tickets through the are giving information to registered email which they have entered at the ticket purchase.

We extend the period of 2nd wave of online selling tickets until August 30, 2020 (that was initially until May 31). At the same time, the prices of permanent tickets purchased directly in-site are reduced.

Entrance Fee
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Programme in preparation...







Only journalists pre-accredited until June 15th, 2020 on the basis of a completed accreditation form have free admission to the festival. The form serves to register one person, not more. An accredited journalist must present a valid journalist's card at the venue of the event. The organizer reserves the right to refuse to grant accreditation in case of non-compliance with our terms. Accredited journalists must have a special label and their movement within the festival will be precisely identified in the Information Center. It is not possible to move nearr the Big Scene except the RTVS staff.

Photographing is only allowed by an accredited photographer. Unprofessional automatic cameras are tolerated without the use of flash near both Big Scene and Small Scene.

By entering the amphitheater premises, each visitor gives his/her consent and acknowledges that the photograph or other record of his/her person from the festival will be used in any technical adaptation to the festival at the time of the event and after the event with unlimited time and territorial use.




Detailed information will be published in the first quarter of 2020.




Extraordinary trains from ŽSSK are dispatched to the festival. All passenger trains, including the ŽSSK trains with destination stop Východná, can be found in the ŽSSK timetable for the period of festival 2020.

The timetable will be published soon.

Payments – Ticket



Buying tickets at the festival venue in the form of credit card payments is allowed, too. The payment card will be accepted at four entrances to the amphitheater premises (A1, A2, A3, A4).



Payment in EUR.

The mobile bankomat will be located in the amphitheater area for for eventual cash shortages.


ONLINE – PRE SALES allows you to buy tickets online at a better price than on-site shopping.


After making a payment, you can print or save your tickets on your mobile phone.

Opening hours – FFV area

We are preparing this information.


We are preparing this information.


We are preparing this information.


  • drugs, psychotropic substances, weapons, combustibles and pyrotechnics of any kind;
  • strictly prohibited is the making of audio/video recordings or video recordings; flying drones;
  • film cameras, camcorders (DV, DV Cam, Beta Cam...);
  • professional cameras;
  • articles threatening for safety including glass containers and bottles;
  • it is strictly forbidden to set fire in the amphitheater area;
  • any kind of cookers in camping;
  • tape recorders;
  • strict smoking ban in children's/family areas (KOŠIARIK) and in all tents;
  • strict ban on camping in parking area and outside the reserved area;
  • prohibition of entry of animals with the exception of guide dogs pursuant to Act No. 447/2008 § 25,
  • don't use umbrellas in the view to the Big and Small scenes (regarding program visibility on scenes).

Safety and health

The safety and health of visitors to the festival is our priority.

The security at the festival is taken care of by a properly marked security service. It serves to protect visitors and to guard festival areas.

At the festival premises there is free movement of police, firefighters and paramedics with its own markedly marked permanent place. The permanent places of the state police, health service and fire service will be properly marked on the information map at the festival venue and in electronic form here.

We encourage all festival visitors to have the festival wristband, reducing the risk of misunderstanding with the organizational staff and security forces.

Security Competencies:

  • control of festival bracelets;
  • control of a Tent village;
  • personal inspection (to prevent the introduction of dangerous and unauthorized objects – prohibitions);
  • removel from the premises (unmarked persons, aggressive persons, persons at risking security, unauthorized dealers and sellers violating the sale agreement, dealers of any drugs and psychotropic substances…);
  • guiding movement on the instructions of the organizer;
  • assist visitors in wheelchairs and holders of ZŤP-S cards with entourage at the entrance.

Important phone numbers

Fire and rescue service, police 112
Fire Service 150, 112
Rescue Service 155, 112
Police 158, 112
Mountain Rescue Service 18 300
Road Rescue Service 154
Emergency and Emergency Service for Motorists 18 128, 18 154
Towing and assistance service  
Global Assistance Slovakia 18 118
Traffic Service *75 (from Mobile Phone)


Slovenská sporiteľňa 0850 111 888
VÚB 0850 123 000, from abroad: +421 2 4855 5970
Tatra banka 0800 00 1100, *1100, from abroad: +421 2 5919 1000
ČSOB 0850 111 777, from abroad: +421 2 5966 8844
UniCredit Bank 0800 14 00 14, *1111, from abroad: +421 2 4950 1111
Poštová banka 0850 00 6500, +421 2 6828 5777, *6500, from abroad: +421 2 5960 1122
PRIMA banka 0850 700 007, 041 / 5111 111, 02 / 6828 5777
OTB banka 0850 111 222, from abroad: +421 2 5720 5080
City bank Europe 0800 004 696, +421 2 5823 0400
Fio banka +421 2 2085 0410, +421 2 2085 0411
Komerční banka 0800 118 100, 0800 171 007 from abroad: +421 259 277 505
Privat banka +421 2 682 85 777, +421 2 682 85 750


Dôvera 0850 850 850
Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa 0850 003 003
Union 0850 003 333, 0850 112 211
Európsky preukaz ZP 0800 111 115

Mobile operators – infoline

Orange 905, +421 905 905 905
Telefonika O2 949, 0940 940 940
Slovak Telekom 800123456

SOS | Escape route

Escape zones:

The festival grounds have four main entrance entrances/exits: GATE 1/EXIT 1, GATE 2/EXIT 2, GATE 3/EXIT 3, GATE 4/EXIT 4 and the other two escape exits: Escape 5 and Escape 6. All entrances and exits are visibly marked on the place and also on the information maps in the amphitheater area, on the evacuation map in the festival bulletin and in electronic form here.

In case of emergency and need to use escape zones or concentration in a safe zone, we ask visitors to maintain their balance and follow the instructions of the security and organizational staff.

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Národné osvetové centrum


Národné osvetové centrum
Nám. SNP č. 12, 812 34 Bratislava
IČO: 00164615
DIČ: 2020829888
Štátna príspevková organizácia Ministerstva kultúry SR, pôsobiaca na základe nového znenia zriaďovacej listiny vydaného Ministerstvom kultúry SR MK-2472/2016-110/8080


Obec Východná
Východná 616, 032 32 Východná
IČO: 00315893
DIČ: 2020574908

Chairman of the Program Committee
Contact for foreign performers

Martin Gregor
+421 2 204 71 253

Contact for performers

Ľudmila Iványiová
+421 2 204 71 244

Production contact

Renata Homzová
+421 2 204 71 212

Media contact

Alexandra Žilavá
+421 2 204 71 270

Contact for partners

Elena Lipianska
+421 2 204 71 266